Introducing our Massage Therapist, Kelita!


Wellington National is pleased to welcome Kelita to our team!

Days: Tuesday thru Saturday
Times: By appointment only- Please contact Kelita directly @ 561-315-3030
7:30 am – 8:00 pm, Tuesday – Saturday
·    One Hour Massage $75
·    Add 30 Minutes for only $20 extra
·    “By the Pool Bliss” – 20 Minutes for a foot, hand or foot/hand combo massage by the pool for $20
Location: 400 Binks Forest Drive, Wellington, Florida, 33414

"Health and Wellness is expressing a vibrant Lifestyle!
It is an actively, deliberate sought out set of goals that balances the mind, the body and spirit
in order to reach your full potential in life."
- Kelita

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About Kelita
·    Originally born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Kelita was an elite gymnast from the age of 10 to 20 years old.  She was top in her province (state) and competed internationally as a member of the Canadian National Team. With her sight set on qualifying in the Olympic Trials for Team Canada, she sustained a fall while training, ending her Olympic dream. 
·    She also grew up learning to ride horses from her mother, at the young age of three. She went on to play polo and train young horses. In turn, she taught her sons how to ride when they turned 3 years old. One of her fondest memories is teaching her sons how to play polo, and then playing together.  Along with a family friend, the four of us were often successful victors of weekend tournaments. 
·    Miguel Jr. and Santiago (Santi) are both professional polo players, turning pro at the ages of 14 and 11, respectively. They are considered to be two of the best young players in the USA, and compete internationally. 
·    After spending 30 great years in Santa Barbara and Indo, California, she brought her sons to Wellington, and stayed.
·    For years I used to practice my massage techniques. I decided to make it official, graduated with Honors from MCI Institute of Technology and Massage Therapy School, in West Palm Beach, FL in 2014.
·    Being an athlete all my life, I have experienced my share of chronic pain. After years of trying this and that, lots of research and being thirsty for new knowledge, I now specialize in chronic pain. It is very rewarding to see my clients feel better and function better after their first massage with me. I am very grateful to have the ability to make such a profound impact in peoples’ lives. I strive for excellence and finding a peaceful balance in everything I do. My passion for our equine athletes, my two sons, health and wellness, and the human brain inspire me every day to learn more, so that one day I will be the change in the world, that I want to see.

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Why Therapeutic Massage?
·    Therapeutic Massage features leisure and relaxation ~ good for the soul and peace of mind
·    Therapeutic Massage is also a very versatile modality that is customized for each person and their specific focus
·      With guidance, especially when it comes to relaxing, learning breathing techniques, addressing chronic pain or a combination thereof, and the rewarding results speak a thousand words
·    The very nature of golf, like any other sport, is not immune from experiencing chronic pain of any degree. Chronic pain can be devastating to an amateur or end the career for a Pro
·    According to the National Center for Health Statistics (2006), approximately 76.2 million, one in every four Americans, have suffered from pain that lasts longer than 24 hours and millions more suffer from acute pain. Chronic pain is the most common cause of long-term disability. Mar 29, 2013
·    With intention, I work the whole body because everything is connected
·    Having massage available, offers convenience by being in-house with trouble-free access for members seeking exactly that, Health & Wellness
·    Wellington National is a special meeting place where golfers, Equestrians, athletes of all disciplines and their families come worldwide, to experience the best that Wellington has to offer.

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Unique and Exclusive Therapeutic Massage that Melts Away Chronic Pain and Discomfort
·    The “Classic Massage” (Swedish) – Therapeutic massage with a softer touch in mind. Great for anyone who prefers a lighter touch, while still receiving all of the benefits of releasing discomfort within the body
·    The basic strokes are effleurage (sliding or gliding), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (rhythmic tapping) and friction (cross fiber)
·    Our heightened awareness of Chronic Pain has increased rapidly, prompting more and more people to seek relief through Therapeutic Massage
·    Deep Tissue and Trigger Point - Slower friction and deep-finger pressure on the area of the body that is experiencing chronic muscle tension and pain in places like neck, shoulders, lower back & hamstrings, hands, feet, for example
·    I adapt my pressure through my touch and often find areas that clients didn’t even realize hurt
·    Based on the principals of Reflexology, I work on the hands, feet , heels and ears with more of a gliding action combined along with a static squeeze action on the toes for example, linking the body systems to the body’s organs, stimulating a health response and restoring “flow”.

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·    Introduction to our new Health and Wellness Program
·    Clever Nutrition
·    Feed Your Brain, Fuel Your Life
·    Science Matters!
·    Support your brain at the cellular level, helping you to maintain a healthy brain and increased functionality
·    Protect stem cells for optimal health
·    Recover, Repair, Rehydrate, Replenish
·    For the evolution of our mind ®
·    Maximize peak cellular performance
·    Increased Energy
·    Increased Joint Mobility
·    Focus & Mental Clarity
·    Physical & Mental Wellbeing*
·    Decreased Recovery Time
·    Deceased Fatigue
·    Decreased Duration of Muscle Soreness
·    And more
·    Experience the competitive edge!

Kathrine Torres, LMT
License # MA76675
Cell Phone 561-315-3030